H.M.R. (hot male review)

H.M.R. (hot male review)
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Hot Male Review December 1995
Say B-Bye To Tiny Tim! Look What Santa Brought You! Adam Hart #1 on his Naughty List! Condition: ..
HMR July 1999
Hot Male Review! Meet The Men Of Titan Media! Condition: Used ..
HMR July 1998
Hot Male Review! Over 75 Pix! Brad Eriksen D. Welk, Hud Jaxon All Worlds Video, Ross & Dan Luke Nuva..
HMR March 1999
Hot Male Review! A Friendly Face Troy Edwards! Condition: Water Damage..
HMR April 1997
Hot Male Review! Ivan The Wonderful! Jake Cannon, Tony, K.C. Hart & More! Condition: Used ..
HMR October 1995
Hot Male Review! HMR Collector's Edition 12-Year Anniversary Issue! Scorching Red Hot Issue! Cond..
HMR Fall, Winter 1999
Hot Male Review! Italian Stallions! Condition: Very Good, light wear..
HMR January 1998
Luke Nuvarron: Like Postcards From A Pal! Condition: Good, pgs very good, back cover torn..
Hot Male Review September 1987
First Person, The Best I Ever Had! Wild West, Cowboy Tail! Boondoggie! Condition: Good, spine ben..